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Our Goals

 The goals of the TBSF as contained in Articles 2 and 3 of its constitution are to:

  • Promote the economic empowerment of members of its host communities
  • Support social transformation, initiate and/or continuously improve effectiveness to sustainable human development programs
  • Continuously build the capacity of its members towards the achievement of leadership and excellence.

The Foundation pursues these goals through the following set of actions:

  • Increase public awareness through the use of seminars, workshops, lectures, and conferences
  • Breeding better educated, more courageous and vibrant entrepreneurs
  • Conceptualize and execute activities that aim to provide sustainable assistance and improvements to the quality of life of rural, local and urban communities in income generating projects
  • Assist community groups or their member organizations in developing sound and feasible proposals for use in resource mobilization from Governments and other agencies
  • Mediate and facilitate the prevention,

    managementand resolution of local and international conflicts through appropriate conflict reduction/resolution techniques

  • Build and strengthen true partnerships and enhance collaboration with Governments, Institutions, Unions, Individuals, International Bodies and other Organizations, of whatever nature in development work in which they may be involved or interested
  • Mobilize and share resources with other stakeholders at all levels to promote socio-economic development

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